Tecumseth Log Book

The Log of H.M.S Tecumseth

The following provides some excerpts from the original logbook of H.M.S. Tecumseth for June of 1817 while she was active on Lake Huron.  The excerpts give us a glimpse into the daily activities aboard this 19th century armed transport schooner.

You can read more excerpts from the logbook in the interactive touchscreen display located in Discovery Harbour’s new H.M.S. Tecumseth Centre.



June 20  “Light winds and fine weather….Furled sails…Employed Striking the Long Twenty Four Pounders down in the hold…”  (Note: “Twenty Four Pounders” were cannon)

June 21  “Crew employed numbering and Making up Sails”

June 22  “Mustered Ships Company by books and paid them…”

June 23  “Punished Wm Foster marine with 24 lashes for insolence”…
“Received three hundred and Fifty four pounds of Fresh Beef”

June 24  “Employed Mooring ship with chains and as necessary”

June 25  “Employed refitting lower Rigging and Stays and Serving them”  (Note: “Stays” were a type of fixed rigging and “Serving” was a process whereby this rigging was protected with a coating of additional tarred rope)

June 29  “…6 washed decks and cleaned ship…”  “Gave a party leave on shore & Party returned from Leave”

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