Wheelchair accessibility at Discovery Harbour

Meeting the needs of visitors with disabilities

At Discovery Harbour, customer service is accessible customer service. We provide all of our goods and services in a way that respects the dignity and independence of all of our visitors.

This means that we are committed to giving people with disabilities equal opportunity to access all of our events, programming, and goods and services. Staff are trained on how to interact and communicate with people with various types of disabilities.

We are pleased to provide the following services:

  • A support person accompanying a person with a disability is admitted free.
  • Service animals are welcome on the historic site, in modern buildings, and in retail, restaurant and theatre outlets.
  • Staff assistance for people who use assistive devices to get the best possible experience from their visit.
  • Accessible washrooms and access ramps to all historic buildings 
  • Multi-language audio tour wands (English, French, German and Spanish)
  • Please NOTE. The historic site is approximately 1.5 km in length. It does require walking and the geography is hilly.   

PLEASE NOTE: Due to new Covid-19 measures, our wheelchairs are not available for visitor use, for the time being.


We want your feedback

We’re always striving to improve our service. We value your feedback on the way we provide group and event programming and goods and services to people with disabilities. 


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