at Discovery Harbour:
a spooky start to Halloween

On a cold rainy night in October of 1815, a ship from ports far away glided effortlessly into the Penetanguishene Naval Establishment blown by an eerie wind from the East. Little did the people of Penetanguishene know but this ship was bringing with it a curse that would haunt these lands… forever!

The ship contained a cargo of food, supplies and arms but most importantly a rare form of pumpkin that was fed to the soldiers to rid them of the scurvy. Unbeknownst to the residents of this quiet little town, these gourds had an extraordinary genetic mutation to them. They had the ability to regrow themselves every year in the fall. Eventually they would spread through the area like wildfire. Once the sailors and families of Discovery Harbour had planted the seeds they germinated over and over and over again,  running the sailors and all of its inhabitants off the site.

The only survivors left were the evil spirits that lived behind the Palisade wall. Every year they reappear to defend the site against the rise of PumpkinFerno.

Join us at Discovery harbour this October as we defend the site Thursday to Sunday evenings.

Please be advised that with the exception of service animals, family pets are NOT allowed on the historic site for this event.

Dates are October 1st – 2nd , 6th to 9th, 13th to 16th, 20th to 23rd and 27th to 30th from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. each evening.

HHP_DH_pumpkinferno_8 HHP_DH_pumpkinferno_6




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